One of the functions of the Rwanda Law Reform Commission is to ensure the codification and the adequate coordination of the laws of Rwanda. This function is provided for in Article 2 of the Law no 44/2013 of 16/ 06/2013 establishing the Rwanda Law Reform Commission (RLRC) and determining its mission, organization and functioning, as amended to date.


The advantage of this kind of codification and coordination is to compile in a single compendium all the Rwandan legislation relating to a specific domain of Law. At the same time, amended legal texts are consolidated. Various modifications, insertions and repeals of some of their provisions are integrated and highlighted in the original texts. Thus, to achieve his or her purpose, the user is no longer obliged to consult the law and its various amendments in scattered texts hitherto published in different Official Gazettes of the Republic of Rwanda.


In order to make these laws known and to facilitate access to them, RLRC published on its website the following compendia: in October 2017 a first edition of the Compendium of Judicial laws and Tax laws, in May 2020 a second edition of Judicial laws and in September 2020 a first edition of the Compendium of Land related laws. 


However, the consolidated texts contained in each compendium do not in any way modify the authenticity of the texts previously published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Rwanda and therefore cannot replace them.