Vision, Mission & Mandate

Vision of the commission

Law Reform for a predictable and dynamic legal landscape.

Mission of the commission

Review laws of Rwanda with a view to ensuring their development and reform.

Responsibilities of the commission

Rwanda Law Reform Commission (RLRC) is responsible for:

  1.  Analysing laws of Rwanda and providing recommendations to relevant authorities for their improvement, modernisation and reform;
  2. ensuring proper codification and consolidation of laws of Rwanda;
  3. preparing draft laws on the initiative of RLRC or upon request by relevant institutions;
  4. reviewing draft laws initiated by other institutions before they are submitted to the Cabinet;
  5. providing comments on a draft law initiated by a Deputy upon request;
  6. following up the consideration process of draft laws in the Parliament;
  7. ensuring proper drafting and translation of laws in all official languages;
  8. identifying national laws in force to be harmonised with principles that are provided for under international treaties and agreements ratified by Rwanda;
  9. receiving and considering any proposals for reform of laws that are submitted by an institution or any interested person.